Victor R. Stanwick, Cabinetmaker
Susan L. Fowler, Grants & Brains of the Outfit

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Victor R. Stanwick
Susan L. Fowler
134 Franklin Avenue
Staten Island, New York 10301-1238
917 841-9525
917 376 7346
718 720 1169

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Arlene, Victor and Richard Stankiewicz in February, 1959. This site is dedicated to the loving memory of my parents, Richard and Arlene Stanwick, and my father in law, Ed Fowler.

Richie was a Navy veteran, retired NYPD sergeant, mechanical wizard, and an extraordinary self-taught carpenter. If you knew him, you couldn't help but like the guy. He was my teacher, my friend, and my hero, and I will miss him forever.

Arlene, my beloved mom, was a world-class beauty. She worked early on as an accountant for several life insurance firms and for 20th Century Fox. When my two younger sisters were born, she retired from office work and started her long career as the best mother a family could ever possibly hope for. She raised us four children with strong moral values, a powerful work ethic, and a belief in God and country.

Thanks for everything you ever did for me, for everything you ever did without for me, and for showing me how to be a man and my sisters how to be lovely and responsible young women. I know you guys are out there dancing together once again, and I hope I haven't disappointed you, Mom and Dad.

Ed FowlerEd Fowler raised five children of his own: Susan, Tom, Jan, Mark and Bill and when I married his daughter Susan and when Gary DeCavage married Ed's daughter Jan, he took us both in as his children without question. He never raised his voice in my presence in the several decades that I was privileged to know him. The picture at right is the way I will always remember Ed: a sea of tranquility in the midst of the raging hurricane that was his family.

Ed was an Army veteran who served in Korea. He married his wife Jane while he was still serving. Ed worked for the postal service for his professional life, and his hobby was chair caning, at which he was a master. Ed was also an amateur historian. Some of my favorite memories are the great lengths of time that I would spend with him discussing American history.

Ed's children returned to Connecticut from all corners of the country for his funeral, and he was buried with full military honors. He will be missed.


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