What We Do

We can repair, rebuild, and recreate just about any of the woodwork in your institution.

We have years of experience working in historic houses, museums, and faith-based organizations on Staten Island. See Projects for more about our jobs.

We approach every project with respect for the institution and its members.

Call us to set up a free meeting and get a free quote: 917 841-9525

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Why We Do It

An old damaged wooden floor and a shiny new replacement floor.The simple answer is that we love old buildings. Especially houses of worship. Some of these older buildings contain outstanding examples of the woodworker's craft; the kind of attention to detail that is becoming harder and harder to find nowadays. Where can you go to have a solid oak door custom-built to match your interiors without spending your entire endowment?

The complicated answer is that God gave us a talent and we try to use that talent in a moral and responsible way. It may sound corny, but we are trying to live our lives and conduct our business in a manner consistent with the beliefs and values instilled in us by our parents and our religious upbringing.

— Victor R. Stanwick

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